Tuesday, December 22, 2009

At least he's honest about theft

Priest urges the poor to steal from chain stores

It's the free market alternative to welfare. It's still the poor and lazy stealing from those who are productive, but it cuts out the government middleman, using the free market to steal from the rest of us.

It's a horrible first step, but it is one. Government can 'privatize' welfare by just cutting it off entirely and letting theft handle it. This would actually increase efficiency by cutting out all the administrators and bureaucrats, meaning that the theft would be less costly per leech. Corporations could properly demonstrate their costs, losing the money thrown at them by the government and having direct theft, but they'd see lower taxes and higher spending as consumers have more money as well.

Maybe this is the first step towards smaller government with the added bonus that it exposes the illegality of the welfare system, allowing us to finally punish the leeches.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A season of giving? More like leeching

It starts out with buying crap from China. Then we wrap these things up and exchange them, blindly. Some give better gifts than others. In other words, an unequal exchange of goods. And people just go along with it. They might whisper about the person, but they don't vote with their wallets and withdraw from the biased exchange.

How about a bit of capitalism? First off, pay for entry to give incentive to the party organizer to geta good tree. Then, no wrapping. Instead have all individuals start with a known quantity, free to trade for what they wish. This gives incentive to get high-quality gifts in order to increase one's ability to trade for desired goods.

I don't have much hope for this. There are too many leeches saying nice things about Christmas. They've tricked the sensible people. They've blinded them with socialist lies of charity and generosity. They refuse to acknowledge that we'd all end up with much better gifts if we worked for self-benefit and let the market take over rather than trying to be nice.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

People who disagree with me are Communists

Day by day we make decisions. Cost-benefit decisions. We try to optimize outcomes.

Then some douchebag comes along and says we aren't and we're stupid. Oh? What are you going to do about it!?

Yea that's right, I thought so. You're going to force people to make what you think is the right decision. Communist.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Libertarians for Bigger Government

I believe in two things: freedom and personal safety. Government takes away the first to add to the second. The first few tradeoffs are entirely worth it: I lose my freedom to kill people but I gain a reduced chance of being killed; or I cannot steal but I am not stolen from.

After that there are swift diminishing returns. We get into things like drafts, gun laws, wiretapping, drug laws, and so on. Freedom-hating cowards push an agenda of fear to increase their control at the cost of our freedom.

So pardon me if I sound a bit scared.

Every day we are being poisoned. The very air is filled with toxins. The water. The land itself. Where from? Business. In the pursuit of profit (a noble goal) they take the path of least resistance, dumping pollutants which kill everyone nearby and spread around the world. This is a clear case of externalities; of costs which exist, but are not calculated because the profit-maker does not incur the loss. We are the ones who lose.

How do we get poisoning us onto their balance sheets? Social change could effect this; with consumers refusing to purchase those products which are made in a poisonous manner. This isn't going to happen. Why not? For starters, people are lazy and ignorant. But even if they were aware, they would likely trade lower health later for cheaper products now. That is their choice, but their choice affects everyone around, including those who wish to make a different choice.

Enter government. It exists to protect individuals, including against the tyranny of the majority. I will not attempt to propose an exact mechanism, but it is time for government to protect physical well-being from the poisons of others.

It is time for Libertarians for Bigger Government!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Visible Hand

As anyone sensible knows, governments are terrible for markets, being more concerned with their own power than the economy. Democracies will tend towards socialism in order to appease the masses while authoritarian governments will tend towards excessive military buildup. What is excessive? While I am no pacifist, all states have excessive military expenditures, particularly the small and insignificant dictatorships of South America, Africa, and Asia. Truth be told, there has not been a dictatorship worth considering since the Soviet Union fell. I must concede that is one thing the Communists did well: being significant.

So yes, governments are terrible for markets, constantly manipulating them and printing money and ruining everything. Democracies, despite their socialist tendencies, tend to be the least damaging though, since the freedom they claim to offer does tend to reflect itself in freer markets and therefore greater prosperity. Just look at America: free and rich as hell.

Unfortunately a new form of government is emerging. Few call it a form of government. And yet, it wields as much power as a government.

It is the corporation.

Their massive size and wealth allow them to manipulate not just markets, but societies and countries. They have the power of a government. And they act somewhat similar as well.

In the small phase they are unstable and tend to go under the radar. They fill niche markets and are little more than potential. In the middle phase they grow and become significant, but not so much that they can entirely ignore social pressure. In this way they act as republics: semi-responsive to the desires of the people. Finally they reach the end phase in which they are so big and so powerful that they can ignore everything other than direct and immediate profit.

In this final phase they amass unimaginable profits, but since they have reached the power of governments, they are just as meddlesome and harmful to markets. They create monopolies which are not necessitated by efficiency or technology. This creates the anti-market situation of consumers being unable to decide to agree or refuse a deal, but instead being compelled to accept or starve. In this final stage the corporation ceases to be a tool of the market, but instead seeks to use the market as its tool, with devastating consequences for all but the corporation.

In the final stage, corporations, the child of the free market, become as harmful as a socialist state because they are a socialist state. And who even realizes it?

The Corporate Union needs a Gorbachev to tear it apart so that markets can thrive once again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Socialism is not Socialism

Perhaps the greatest argument against socialism is those protesting socialism. Have you seen the idiots screaming about socialism this and that and they have no fucking clue what socialism means?

Socialism is government ownership of industry.

It's not taxes or regulations. It is welfare and medicare. Yes, medicare is socialism. As far as socialist programs go, it's not that bad, so shut the fuck up healthcare protesters who keep saying government can't run a healthcare program. It clearly can. I won't say this is good, but I will be a voice of reason and point out that you are all god damn idiots.

Also, Godwin's Law. I'll leave it at that so intelligent people can laugh at you while you stand around confused waiting for FOX to tell you what to do.

But let's get back to my point: You are for the most part brought up in a socialist educational system. You are idiots. The correlation is there. Is it causation? Does socialist education cause morons screaming ignorant comments about socialism? Maybe. I can't say for certain, but it seems like a pretty shocking coincidence.

What I'm trying to say is this: When you scream about socialism when you have no clue what it means, you make those who have actual reasonable problems with socialism look bad as well. Please, if you love your country, shut up. Take advantage of the socialism to get a free, if poor, education. Put it so some use such as by reading or thinking.

Should we be worried about socialist indoctrination? No. We should watch out for it, but the fact is, Obama isn't spreading socialism or a cult of personality. It's the so-called free-market people who are creating cults and demanding your obedience. Stop pointing fingers at the socialists when you are actually being more stupid and more damaging to America than they could ever be.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gevlon is a leeching socialist


Someone works hard to build themselves up. They spend their money to buy something valuable. That is what keeps the economy going. Surely as someone who places value on economics he can understand the need to buy cars.

And surely he understands that that which is given for free has less value. He has never held back from criticizing the lazy leeches who take and take and do nothing to earn it. And yet... there he goes and brags about it.

Don't believe me? See his own words. When speaking of pets, he encourages us to leech off the spending of others.
But why do you have to own them? I mean I find Lamborghinies beautiful, yet I'm not planning to buy one. Not even to rent one for a weekend, although I could afford that easily. Every time I see one on the street, I turn after it, admire it, and move on my way smiling (not ironically, but filled with beauty). So, why do you have to buy it to receive its "cuteness". You could just walk to any pet in Dalaran and watch it!

Oh but he goes further. He admits, brags, to having gained personal benefit from the work of others while he adds nothing more than having walked down the street. What's next, watching high-def TV through the windows of neighbors?

This is no mere innocent act. Oh no, this is the foundation of socialism. What, you say? How can that be? Simple! He does not buy the car because he gains no benefit from it; he can get sufficient admiration from seeing it drive by. What we see here is a private resource being used, without permission, for the enjoyment of non-owners. Make the argument that the owners intended to show off, fine.

Gelvon is still being a socialist. How so? By encouraging others to not buy, but instead to use that which is free. It is efficient, sure; sharing is certainly efficient. We could be so much more efficient with our pets by coordinating who buys which one. Spread the burden among those who really like to see pets and those who have a mere passing interest. But to maximize the number of possible pets out at once, we must all be part of the system. It is for the greater good and also to the greater individual good for anyone who likes the sight of a pet. We could coordinate which pet with when people are on to ensure that at all times of the day there is likely to be a diverse array of pets. Maybe Blizzard could coordinate this for us.

Oh yes, Blizzard. Big Brother Blizzard, always there to show us the way to work together for the greater good.

Did I not warn you? I told you! Enchanters first! Who would follow? I must admit I did not expect pet owners to be next in line. But there they are. Or at least they would be if closet socialists like Gevlon had their way.

Be warned, he might pull out some narrow argument about his relative benefit from buying a car or pet or mount compared to other purchases. He won't be wrong. But he will be missing the point: he only has a DR on the beauty or cuteness because of the work of others which is benefits from at no expense to himself. Of course he places low value on that which he can simply steal.

In unrelated news, he's a fucking moron: "Most people will sooner or later buy minipets because they feel they are looked down by peers if they wouldn't."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nerd Raging!1!

Nerds are funny. They get outraged so easily. They exaggerate everything. "I got banned from a video game forum, this is an outrage! I will not be silenced!" As if this is a matter of free speech. It's a private company enforcing rules on its own property. But oh, how could I forget, they were so rude about it! So terrible.

This is the same person who tried to turn a change to a profession in a video game into part of the larger war against Communism. As if Communists could successfully run a company in a competitive market, let alone make such impressive profits.

Accept it, nerds, sometimes bad stuff happens to you. It's nothing more than that. It's not even particularly bad stuff: "oh noes but my video game!" It's not part of some overall trend or conspiracy. It's not a world gone mad. The Soviet Union was defeated and with it, the last major threat to freedom. I swear, nerds are as bad as Fox News, thinking everything is part of some gay or terrorist conspiracy. For them it's all about the latest doom and gloom. Idiots. Capitalism and freedom won.

Well except for one area: somehow the Internet is still being regulated out of some misplaced desire for equality. Net neutrality is bad and should end. Why should corporations not be able to restrict access based on payment? If the open exchange of ideas is so valuable, then people will be more than willing to pay whatever Comcast charges. And they will have to charge quite a bit since buying senators isn't cheap. They gotta make their profits after all.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Advertising is socialism

As I stated before, and then promptly derived terrible conclusions from, advertising exists to employ the otherwise unemployable. If you don't want to reread all of it, here's the summary: technology made us productive enough that most of the world can not work and we'll still survive and distributing the wealth from technology is a difficult task. Keep in mind that when I talk about the world I only mean the developed world. The rest is almost entirely irrelevant to this unless I explicitly mention it.

Advertising is socialism with a thin veneer of hard work to make it seem okay.

Without the useless half there would be twice the productivity and prosperity. They are by definition a drain on society. Currently there are three major ways to deal with them, two of which failed and the third of which is currently in progress.

The first is socialism: taking from those who work to give to the idle. This has all sorts of problems such as being blatant theft.

The second is extermination: killing the useless half. This has been tried but tends to fail due to poor identification techniques and popular outrage even among those who actually work. They might work, but clearly have no concept of self-interest.

The third is the current method of advertising: Trick those who work into working twice as much in order to buy the useless crap made by the otherwise idle. This is consumerism and debt and it creates cycles which will destroy the world as they drain resources both natural and human. The way this works is to 'employ' the useless half making unneeded junk: new purses and clothes and marginally better (or worse but restyled) cars. Convinced that they need these items, the working half works even more to buy them.

The net result is almost the same as socialism: The useful half works to sustain the useless half. However it has a different appearance because it keeps the useless half busy. Don't confuse busy with useful since they're still making worthless crap on par with macaroni art from children, but more expensive and lacking the slightest hint of educational or developmental value. In other words, the useful half is tricked into thinking that the useless half is not actually useless. The outrage that they would have over socialism is prevented despite supporting them exactly as they would under socialism.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all advertising is bad. It is good to be made aware of new and better products. However the persuasive advertising is damaging, manipulating emotions and society to empty the pockets of the useful half of the world.

The strange irony of this all is the loss of 'jobs' to overseas labor. The potentially useful people in other countries are taking up the practice of making useless crap. Since they aren't socialists, they work for more sensible prices; though considering what they make has no value, they're still overpaid (unless we're considering that what they make has relative value to the factory owner who can sell them to the tricked half). This could potentially be a great advantage of the developed world, allowing it to maintain its power by infecting the poorer nations with useless labor.

Instead it just makes things worse. The useful half is still buying the useless crap. However the useless half of the work force is increasingly unemployed and therefore switching to direct socialism and is howling about their loss of jobs. This confuses me because they are still paid to be useless but they don't even have to pretend to be useful; they benefit and yet they complain. Sadly, the shift overseas also means that money which used to flow to the domestic useless half and was then taxed and partially returned to the useful half is now going entirely overseas and being lost to uselessness.

Yes, money overseas is wasted entirely. How? Well consider that they also have, or will have, a useless and useful half, the same split as in all developed societies. Their potentially useful half is making crap and is therefore useless. Their other half, the naturally useless one, is never useful regardless of what they do or don't make (since it's never anything useful) and therefore the entire society is useless and destined to remain poor forever.

Take your neo-Marxist world system theory and shove it. It is only the 'exploitation' of the rest of the world that keeps it from collapsing entirely. I'm amazed that they survived at all before we started handing them money in exchange for crap.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fake Identities

Delusions of truth is such a fitting name for a blog so filled with terrible ideas. Delusions. Not surprising though if you consider its written by what is clearly a socialist. With that in mind, I want to counter the recent post about identities.

First off: boo hoo you aren't who you want to be. Bullshit. We are all whoever we are and that's who we are. Trying to create a different self online is a waste of time. That's not who you are. Be yourself and if you don't like that, then fix it. If you don't like who you are, either change what you're thinking or change who you are. Escapism online is not the solution.

Change expectations if you can't meet them. They might be unrealistic. Don't take this too far though. It is the socialist quitter's way out to just say "Oh I'll ever be anybody so I'll be content with that."

Instead change who you are. Be more intelligent and through that, wealthier, happier, and just all-around better. Maybe you aren't intelligent, but you can become so if you stop wallowing in stupidity. Or maybe you want to be less intelligent, in which case you're actually just an idiot who tests well and therefore thinks he is intelligent. It's about thinking. Start thinking and your mind will grow. You can make yourself smarter if you stop trying to conform to the expectations and cultures of stupid people.

In other words: don't be a social just because you're unhappy. Break out of their traps and stand on your own. Above all, don't try to be happier from anything else; not games or friends or anything other than yourself. Nothing else matters.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Why join a guild?

Guilds are inherently socialist. They take a bunch of people and tell them where to raid, when to raid, and sometime even say exactly who will go. How can this possibly not go wrong? And it does, all the time.

Why should I, a talented and hard-working individual, put my lot in with anyone else? It is unlikely that I will find people as awesome as me or possibly even more so. Instead I'd end up with inferior people who would drag me down.

Oh but I need them you say? Bullshit. Learn about self-made men. They don't need anyone else. They get shit done on their own, without two dozen idiots getting in their way. Sometimes if they feel nice they bring some along and let them feel useful, and then fire them and leave with their families in the gutter where they began and belong.

Oh, I can't solo Ulduar? Or even a heroic? Why should I care? What do I need epic for? Am I trying to show off or something? Let the socialists get their costumes and strut around capital cities like they accomplished something. Fucking sheeple. None of them can wake up and realize "Oh damn, I just spend a week of real time with a bunch of idiots getting pixels so I can show them off to other idiots." Not going to happen, they're too wrapped up in impressing the other socials.

I'll do something more productive, like play the AH and get the gold from those morons. That's a real accomplishment. I make thousands of gold an hours, just playing games against these morons. They're so stupid and busy raiding and socializing that they can't make gold even though it's easy.

I don't know why Blizzard even keeps them around. They're such a waste. Lazy people who waste all their time killing pixels. Blizzard should focus on its core: intelligent people who play the AH. We made WoW the success it is, before these socials came in and fucked it all up.

But to get back to my point: Why join a guild? So I can go to their GM and put a hundred gold in chat and leave it there and come back an hour later and he's still waiting for me to hit trade. See that's a typical person in a guild: they'll waste an hour for a mere 100g that they won't get anyway. Why would I hang around with financial idiots?

Someone once tried to start a guild with me. He said he was rich, and he was. I put him on ignore. So what if he has gold? If he's trying to start a guild he's clearly just a socialist banker like FDR and we all know he made the Great Depression worse.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why is Blizzard being Communist?

Blizzard is clearly the government of WoW. Usually it doesn't directly involve itself in the free market of professions. It makes tweaks here and there and charges its taxes in the AH and mail fees, but for the most part we are free to do what we wish.

No more.

The government has directly intervened in the professions. They seek to tell enchanters to disenchant for free and for anyone. This is a clear violation of free market principles and of our freedom as individuals.

I'm sure most of you are happy about this. The non-enchanters are happy to steal the labor of the hard-working enchanter. Some enchanters are happy for the convenience. But convenience of what? Of theft. Your hard work is being stolen from you, handed away to those who refuse to pay, and the government is making it happen. Will it end with enchanting? How long before tailors must make bolts and bags from our cloth? And when that happens, how long before we see roll windows for the products of skinners and miners and herbalists? How long before your profession is not yours, but 'society's'?

Go ahead, say nothing because you're not an enchanter. Take your share of his wealth and think you earned it. When the tailors are next, say nothing and go sell your bolts of cloth and send bags to your alts. When the skinners must hand over their leather, keep quiet and accept the 'gift'.

And when you are forced to work for free, to give away your time and labor, to give away all you produce, say nothing.

I'm too idealist. I think I can stop any of this. It's all part of the larger trend of lazy people. How else would Obama get elected?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. In this blog I will see how I would write if I was a sociopath who must inflate his ego at the cost of others.

Last week someone in my guild left the raid. I think it was because she didn't get the loot she wanted. She was so irrational and stupid.

But I secretly sympathize with her, because I too have no regard for the needs of others, so I want everything for myself and I don't care at all about what the group thinks. Anyone who thinks I am less than amazing is clearly just stupid and stuck in social thinking.