Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why is Blizzard being Communist?

Blizzard is clearly the government of WoW. Usually it doesn't directly involve itself in the free market of professions. It makes tweaks here and there and charges its taxes in the AH and mail fees, but for the most part we are free to do what we wish.

No more.

The government has directly intervened in the professions. They seek to tell enchanters to disenchant for free and for anyone. This is a clear violation of free market principles and of our freedom as individuals.

I'm sure most of you are happy about this. The non-enchanters are happy to steal the labor of the hard-working enchanter. Some enchanters are happy for the convenience. But convenience of what? Of theft. Your hard work is being stolen from you, handed away to those who refuse to pay, and the government is making it happen. Will it end with enchanting? How long before tailors must make bolts and bags from our cloth? And when that happens, how long before we see roll windows for the products of skinners and miners and herbalists? How long before your profession is not yours, but 'society's'?

Go ahead, say nothing because you're not an enchanter. Take your share of his wealth and think you earned it. When the tailors are next, say nothing and go sell your bolts of cloth and send bags to your alts. When the skinners must hand over their leather, keep quiet and accept the 'gift'.

And when you are forced to work for free, to give away your time and labor, to give away all you produce, say nothing.

I'm too idealist. I think I can stop any of this. It's all part of the larger trend of lazy people. How else would Obama get elected?

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