Friday, October 16, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. In this blog I will see how I would write if I was a sociopath who must inflate his ego at the cost of others.

Last week someone in my guild left the raid. I think it was because she didn't get the loot she wanted. She was so irrational and stupid.

But I secretly sympathize with her, because I too have no regard for the needs of others, so I want everything for myself and I don't care at all about what the group thinks. Anyone who thinks I am less than amazing is clearly just stupid and stuck in social thinking.


  1. Cheers for role-playing.
    you know, for some strange reason I've got a special spot reserved in my heart for sociopatic goblins.

    And got to say I love your About Me-text.
    I'm soo with you. I find it extremely hard to say anything relevant about myself or about what my blog is about.

  2. Oh hey, someone actually checked to see if this exists. You're a sneaky little gnome.