Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fake Identities

Delusions of truth is such a fitting name for a blog so filled with terrible ideas. Delusions. Not surprising though if you consider its written by what is clearly a socialist. With that in mind, I want to counter the recent post about identities.

First off: boo hoo you aren't who you want to be. Bullshit. We are all whoever we are and that's who we are. Trying to create a different self online is a waste of time. That's not who you are. Be yourself and if you don't like that, then fix it. If you don't like who you are, either change what you're thinking or change who you are. Escapism online is not the solution.

Change expectations if you can't meet them. They might be unrealistic. Don't take this too far though. It is the socialist quitter's way out to just say "Oh I'll ever be anybody so I'll be content with that."

Instead change who you are. Be more intelligent and through that, wealthier, happier, and just all-around better. Maybe you aren't intelligent, but you can become so if you stop wallowing in stupidity. Or maybe you want to be less intelligent, in which case you're actually just an idiot who tests well and therefore thinks he is intelligent. It's about thinking. Start thinking and your mind will grow. You can make yourself smarter if you stop trying to conform to the expectations and cultures of stupid people.

In other words: don't be a social just because you're unhappy. Break out of their traps and stand on your own. Above all, don't try to be happier from anything else; not games or friends or anything other than yourself. Nothing else matters.

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