Monday, November 2, 2009

Advertising is socialism

As I stated before, and then promptly derived terrible conclusions from, advertising exists to employ the otherwise unemployable. If you don't want to reread all of it, here's the summary: technology made us productive enough that most of the world can not work and we'll still survive and distributing the wealth from technology is a difficult task. Keep in mind that when I talk about the world I only mean the developed world. The rest is almost entirely irrelevant to this unless I explicitly mention it.

Advertising is socialism with a thin veneer of hard work to make it seem okay.

Without the useless half there would be twice the productivity and prosperity. They are by definition a drain on society. Currently there are three major ways to deal with them, two of which failed and the third of which is currently in progress.

The first is socialism: taking from those who work to give to the idle. This has all sorts of problems such as being blatant theft.

The second is extermination: killing the useless half. This has been tried but tends to fail due to poor identification techniques and popular outrage even among those who actually work. They might work, but clearly have no concept of self-interest.

The third is the current method of advertising: Trick those who work into working twice as much in order to buy the useless crap made by the otherwise idle. This is consumerism and debt and it creates cycles which will destroy the world as they drain resources both natural and human. The way this works is to 'employ' the useless half making unneeded junk: new purses and clothes and marginally better (or worse but restyled) cars. Convinced that they need these items, the working half works even more to buy them.

The net result is almost the same as socialism: The useful half works to sustain the useless half. However it has a different appearance because it keeps the useless half busy. Don't confuse busy with useful since they're still making worthless crap on par with macaroni art from children, but more expensive and lacking the slightest hint of educational or developmental value. In other words, the useful half is tricked into thinking that the useless half is not actually useless. The outrage that they would have over socialism is prevented despite supporting them exactly as they would under socialism.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all advertising is bad. It is good to be made aware of new and better products. However the persuasive advertising is damaging, manipulating emotions and society to empty the pockets of the useful half of the world.

The strange irony of this all is the loss of 'jobs' to overseas labor. The potentially useful people in other countries are taking up the practice of making useless crap. Since they aren't socialists, they work for more sensible prices; though considering what they make has no value, they're still overpaid (unless we're considering that what they make has relative value to the factory owner who can sell them to the tricked half). This could potentially be a great advantage of the developed world, allowing it to maintain its power by infecting the poorer nations with useless labor.

Instead it just makes things worse. The useful half is still buying the useless crap. However the useless half of the work force is increasingly unemployed and therefore switching to direct socialism and is howling about their loss of jobs. This confuses me because they are still paid to be useless but they don't even have to pretend to be useful; they benefit and yet they complain. Sadly, the shift overseas also means that money which used to flow to the domestic useless half and was then taxed and partially returned to the useful half is now going entirely overseas and being lost to uselessness.

Yes, money overseas is wasted entirely. How? Well consider that they also have, or will have, a useless and useful half, the same split as in all developed societies. Their potentially useful half is making crap and is therefore useless. Their other half, the naturally useless one, is never useful regardless of what they do or don't make (since it's never anything useful) and therefore the entire society is useless and destined to remain poor forever.

Take your neo-Marxist world system theory and shove it. It is only the 'exploitation' of the rest of the world that keeps it from collapsing entirely. I'm amazed that they survived at all before we started handing them money in exchange for crap.

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