Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nerd Raging!1!

Nerds are funny. They get outraged so easily. They exaggerate everything. "I got banned from a video game forum, this is an outrage! I will not be silenced!" As if this is a matter of free speech. It's a private company enforcing rules on its own property. But oh, how could I forget, they were so rude about it! So terrible.

This is the same person who tried to turn a change to a profession in a video game into part of the larger war against Communism. As if Communists could successfully run a company in a competitive market, let alone make such impressive profits.

Accept it, nerds, sometimes bad stuff happens to you. It's nothing more than that. It's not even particularly bad stuff: "oh noes but my video game!" It's not part of some overall trend or conspiracy. It's not a world gone mad. The Soviet Union was defeated and with it, the last major threat to freedom. I swear, nerds are as bad as Fox News, thinking everything is part of some gay or terrorist conspiracy. For them it's all about the latest doom and gloom. Idiots. Capitalism and freedom won.

Well except for one area: somehow the Internet is still being regulated out of some misplaced desire for equality. Net neutrality is bad and should end. Why should corporations not be able to restrict access based on payment? If the open exchange of ideas is so valuable, then people will be more than willing to pay whatever Comcast charges. And they will have to charge quite a bit since buying senators isn't cheap. They gotta make their profits after all.