Monday, November 9, 2009

Gevlon is a leeching socialist


Someone works hard to build themselves up. They spend their money to buy something valuable. That is what keeps the economy going. Surely as someone who places value on economics he can understand the need to buy cars.

And surely he understands that that which is given for free has less value. He has never held back from criticizing the lazy leeches who take and take and do nothing to earn it. And yet... there he goes and brags about it.

Don't believe me? See his own words. When speaking of pets, he encourages us to leech off the spending of others.
But why do you have to own them? I mean I find Lamborghinies beautiful, yet I'm not planning to buy one. Not even to rent one for a weekend, although I could afford that easily. Every time I see one on the street, I turn after it, admire it, and move on my way smiling (not ironically, but filled with beauty). So, why do you have to buy it to receive its "cuteness". You could just walk to any pet in Dalaran and watch it!

Oh but he goes further. He admits, brags, to having gained personal benefit from the work of others while he adds nothing more than having walked down the street. What's next, watching high-def TV through the windows of neighbors?

This is no mere innocent act. Oh no, this is the foundation of socialism. What, you say? How can that be? Simple! He does not buy the car because he gains no benefit from it; he can get sufficient admiration from seeing it drive by. What we see here is a private resource being used, without permission, for the enjoyment of non-owners. Make the argument that the owners intended to show off, fine.

Gelvon is still being a socialist. How so? By encouraging others to not buy, but instead to use that which is free. It is efficient, sure; sharing is certainly efficient. We could be so much more efficient with our pets by coordinating who buys which one. Spread the burden among those who really like to see pets and those who have a mere passing interest. But to maximize the number of possible pets out at once, we must all be part of the system. It is for the greater good and also to the greater individual good for anyone who likes the sight of a pet. We could coordinate which pet with when people are on to ensure that at all times of the day there is likely to be a diverse array of pets. Maybe Blizzard could coordinate this for us.

Oh yes, Blizzard. Big Brother Blizzard, always there to show us the way to work together for the greater good.

Did I not warn you? I told you! Enchanters first! Who would follow? I must admit I did not expect pet owners to be next in line. But there they are. Or at least they would be if closet socialists like Gevlon had their way.

Be warned, he might pull out some narrow argument about his relative benefit from buying a car or pet or mount compared to other purchases. He won't be wrong. But he will be missing the point: he only has a DR on the beauty or cuteness because of the work of others which is benefits from at no expense to himself. Of course he places low value on that which he can simply steal.

In unrelated news, he's a fucking moron: "Most people will sooner or later buy minipets because they feel they are looked down by peers if they wouldn't."

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