Monday, October 26, 2009

Why join a guild?

Guilds are inherently socialist. They take a bunch of people and tell them where to raid, when to raid, and sometime even say exactly who will go. How can this possibly not go wrong? And it does, all the time.

Why should I, a talented and hard-working individual, put my lot in with anyone else? It is unlikely that I will find people as awesome as me or possibly even more so. Instead I'd end up with inferior people who would drag me down.

Oh but I need them you say? Bullshit. Learn about self-made men. They don't need anyone else. They get shit done on their own, without two dozen idiots getting in their way. Sometimes if they feel nice they bring some along and let them feel useful, and then fire them and leave with their families in the gutter where they began and belong.

Oh, I can't solo Ulduar? Or even a heroic? Why should I care? What do I need epic for? Am I trying to show off or something? Let the socialists get their costumes and strut around capital cities like they accomplished something. Fucking sheeple. None of them can wake up and realize "Oh damn, I just spend a week of real time with a bunch of idiots getting pixels so I can show them off to other idiots." Not going to happen, they're too wrapped up in impressing the other socials.

I'll do something more productive, like play the AH and get the gold from those morons. That's a real accomplishment. I make thousands of gold an hours, just playing games against these morons. They're so stupid and busy raiding and socializing that they can't make gold even though it's easy.

I don't know why Blizzard even keeps them around. They're such a waste. Lazy people who waste all their time killing pixels. Blizzard should focus on its core: intelligent people who play the AH. We made WoW the success it is, before these socials came in and fucked it all up.

But to get back to my point: Why join a guild? So I can go to their GM and put a hundred gold in chat and leave it there and come back an hour later and he's still waiting for me to hit trade. See that's a typical person in a guild: they'll waste an hour for a mere 100g that they won't get anyway. Why would I hang around with financial idiots?

Someone once tried to start a guild with me. He said he was rich, and he was. I put him on ignore. So what if he has gold? If he's trying to start a guild he's clearly just a socialist banker like FDR and we all know he made the Great Depression worse.

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