Saturday, December 19, 2009

A season of giving? More like leeching

It starts out with buying crap from China. Then we wrap these things up and exchange them, blindly. Some give better gifts than others. In other words, an unequal exchange of goods. And people just go along with it. They might whisper about the person, but they don't vote with their wallets and withdraw from the biased exchange.

How about a bit of capitalism? First off, pay for entry to give incentive to the party organizer to geta good tree. Then, no wrapping. Instead have all individuals start with a known quantity, free to trade for what they wish. This gives incentive to get high-quality gifts in order to increase one's ability to trade for desired goods.

I don't have much hope for this. There are too many leeches saying nice things about Christmas. They've tricked the sensible people. They've blinded them with socialist lies of charity and generosity. They refuse to acknowledge that we'd all end up with much better gifts if we worked for self-benefit and let the market take over rather than trying to be nice.

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