Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hitler, I mean Obama, stole our time

You might have noticed that recently you lost an hour of your time. A bit less than 5% of your day. I imagine you grumbled about it and then went about your day sleep deprived.

Wake the fuck up. Coffee won't help you. Not even the retards at the Tea Party can help you.

Open your eyes as SEE.

Reparations are finally here. Of course we knew a black president would be eager to do it. But we're all so careful watching budgets that he couldn't simply get the market value of 40 acres and a mule, add in inflation, and then hand that out to black people. We watch the welfare budget carefully.

So he did something even worse. He took an hour from every single American. Even old people who need every last second. He hates your grandmother, after all. Where did the time go?

Reparations. He gave that time to black people to make up for the time lost to slavery.

It is the ultimate in socialism. Take the wealth and spread it. Or in this case time, which is money.

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