Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God is a Socialist

Gods are the ultimate form of government. They can do more than imprison or kill; they can take your very soul, burn it for all eternity, and then after that, kill it. Yes, they can do something after an eternity. They're gods.

They can demand taxes: sacrifices. They tell us how to act. They give no privacy and make it clear that we have none from them.

Which brings me to my point: evolution.

There is a certain sort of blind, unthinking idiot who believes in the literal word of Genesis the same way he believes in the unregulated and unrestricted free market. They do not know why either of them are true (or not). They only believe because they've been told to. Those who disagree are called socialists and godless. I'm all for attacking socialism, but only by those who know why. These people take it as a matter of faith that the free market is better.

Blind idiots.

Anyone who believes in the free market and creationism is a fool. An unthinking fool.

What is evolution? It is a word which attempts to encapsulate a process of success or failure of combinations of genes and environments. This is an unregulated process. There are no bailouts, no free lunches, no minimum wage. Species rise and fall only as they are able to adapt to their environments.

Evolution is the free market of genetics.

Logically that makes creationism or intelligent design the socialism of genetics. That makes God a socialist and all who teach creationism (sorry, teach 'the controversy') cosmic communists.

Reagan spoke of godless Communists, but he never bothered to see the God Communist.

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