Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random idiots on the random bus

The other day I was waiting for the bus and this old lady with all these bags hobbles up next to me. I moved away a bit. She tried to talk to me but was all screechy: "DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS BUS GOES?" I told her to look it up and not bother me. She wandered over and bothered someone else. Someone needs to learn2internet.

Eventually the bus comes, I swipe my card and get on, grab a good seat. She starts bugging the driver about where the bus goes. I yelled at her and eventually she shut up and tried to pay. Had all these crumpled bills that didn't fit. I yelled at her for that too, but she didn't go any faster. Eventually the driver traded some bills with her and then she's shaking while putting them in and I'm face-palming. I mean, wow, why are you taking the bus if you can't even use it properly?

Just to confirm it all, or if you're smart you could have predicted it beforehand, she's dressed in these dirty rags. And yea, the bags. Had these thick glasses that I swear I saw a like recycling symbol on, literal coke bottle glasses.


Hey city government, you want to know why people don't like taking the bus? It's because of people like this who don't know what they're doing. How about a dress code? If you're wearing terrible clothes you're clearly not going to a job, so you're worthless anyway and don't need the bus. And don't get me started on the damn kids who are taking the bus for the first time. Kick them off! It's ridiculous that a respectable person like me gets stuck on the same bus as these lowlifes, and even worse, they get to the exact same stop as me.

We should just start running our own buses, charging our own fees, and checking to not let on these scum.

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