Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Pinko-tailed Inn

You may or may not be aware of a gnomish blogger named Larisa. She runs the aptly-named Pink Pigtail Inn. She's a nice, motherly sort of blogger. Or should we say paternalistic? Perhaps.

I suspect she's actually a Communist. Soviet-style, authoritarian, world-domination-obsessed, murderous Communist. Let's paint the picture.

She hates capitalism.

She insists on leadership which tells everyone what to do exactly when. One might think this means the efficient capitalism of Henry Ford, if she didn't hate capitalism.

Then there's the double-talk that the Soviets used to love.
Time to Make Our Own Cataclysm
The week before: Peace! Please!

She gets lonely. Sounds like a real anti-individualist. There are plenty of friends at the collective farm!

A post including the title: "The curse of choice." Really, the curse? Do you need the Party to tell you what to do all the time?

Blogging about your guild may put you in trouble
. Can you say censorship?

This is all surface-level. Let's go deeper. She's friends with another gnome who runs a blog called "Armaggedon's coming!" Sounds a bit like the revolution, doesn't it, COMRADE!?

One might expect gnomes to gno better. Aha, a pun. Get it? Soviets don't. They always say "In Soviet Russia, pun gets you," which I assume is some sort of threat.

Gnomes had their capitol blown up by the infighting of their leaders and foreign invasion. Nuclear Armageddon. Hm... where have we heard that before?

I rest my case.


  1. Ouch! You've outed me! How will I now go on with my cunning secret conspiracy plan to gnomify the world and turn everyone into a slave in my future communist state?

    I will have to start it all over again.
    Want to join?

    cheers and giggles

  2. I don't think Gevlon will be happy about this.