Friday, January 8, 2010

Only Socialists don't run back after wipes

If we look at the greatest overall benefit, it is best for the tank and DPS to go afk to troll the forums, look at porn, get food, etc; while the healer runs back and rezes them. While this will increase the overall instance time, much of that time is 'free' in the sense that 80% of the group can do something else. So the only real burden is on the healer. There is a net gain.

What do we have here? We have a managed group (economy) driven by some higher net benefit. Every person is given the role to which they are 'best suited', told to carry it out, and ask for nothing more than that which is given to them by the group. We also have an ordinarily hard-working healer (capitalist?) who is critical to the success of the group (society), but often ignored and blamed for problems being shackled, enslaved, for the benefit of others. They receive no benefit, only burden, all for some 'greater good'.

"rez plz" Should be met only with "go fuck yourself you lazy socialist" and a kick from the group.

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